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Awakening and Wellness: Is There a Connection?

Author by El Stamatakos Mar 28th, 2018

The 21st century seems to be a time of awakening for many people. According to, awakening can be defined as “a recognition, realization, or coming into awareness of something”. I’ve invited El Stamatakos again, an energy work practitioner on Healoha, to share his perspective on the process of awakening and see if there is a connection between awakening and wellness.


Healoha: El, how do you define “awakening” and what is your understanding of the process taking place when that happens?


El: For me, awakening is a process of self-discovery that leads to heightened awareness. As we become more self-aware, we become more sensitive to ourselves and to the world around us. The perception from our senses becomes heightened. Awakening is a process and enlightenment is the end goal. Awakening and consciousness are interrelated but let’s keep this conversation to awakening for now. I feel that we are currently experiencing a rapid awakening, which we can call cosmic awakening, an awakening happening at a larger scale rather than affecting just a few isolated individuals. As a human species we are becoming more globally interconnected. Issues are coming to the forefront everywhere. Whether it is sex scandals in  the church or hollywood, or global warming, those issues are forcing us to become more aware.


Healoha: How did it happen for you and how did it change your life?
El: I believe awakening requires sensitivity. I was sensitive as a child but this process increased when I began my martial arts training or should I say when I began to re-learn what I had known all along. The greater the sensitivity, the quicker the awakening. This awakening process has certainly made my life richer by allowing me to constantly redefine myself, and become a better person. The best way I can describe it is as if someone was wearing a blindfold but perhaps with an opening for one eye. If the opening is small, they can see a little. If they are more awake, they may only have one eye covered and can see more, and thus make better decisions in life. What that means is that they are more in touch with their true nature, and can get better guidance.


Healoha: Can awakening happen to anybody and is there a way to speed it up?


El: Indeed, we are all awakening at different levels and different speeds. No one is above another one. If you want to increase your sensitivity, take up yoga, martial arts, look at yourself constantly, how you speak, your actions. Did I say something to offend anyone? Why do I have this problem or that problem? Giving is also important. It could be giving a smile, a dollar or anything. By doing this you are challenging your ego. Ego is a Greek word that literally means “I”. Challenge that I and go beyond the self.
Healoha: Based on your experience, do you see a connection between awakening and wellness?


El: Great question. There are people who are less sensitive and less awake who are healthy and vice-versa. I do believe however that it’s easier for those who are awakening to become healthier and happier.


Healoha: Do you have any recommendation for readers who are interested in cultivating or regaining wellness?


El: Try to exercise, laugh more, eat and drink sensibly. Stay away from extremes. This creates stress. If you like chocolate, have some but don’t overdo it. Spend more time in nature, go to parks and forests. Do those things that bring you joy.


Healoha: El, thank you so much for sharing your experience and insights! Let’s let these wise words sink in and do their magic.


El: Thank you so much for having me today! I look forward to discussing more. These are great times to be alive.