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Calling All Wellness Entrepreneurs

Author by admin Sep 7th, 2017

Wellness is rarely associated with the term entrepreneur. The idea of entrepreneurship has always captivated me. I greatly admire entrepreneurs, whether they are graphic designers, the female owner of a small resort on a remote island of The Philippines, or the founder of a hugely successful company such as Apple. Entrepreneurship is certainly not for everyone, but for the independent and adventurous among us, there is no better way to live a fulfilling life!


Healoha: Solution For Wellness Entrepreneurs


This is why I created Healoha™, an online business platform for wellness entrepreneurs, and a marketplace for wellness services. The platform makes it easier for wellness practitioners to become wellness entrepreneurs, without worrying about how to attract their next client. No need to build their own website, advertise, or maintain their own blog. Healoha takes care of it! By signing up, practitioners join a community of like-minded practitioners from whom they can learn. And—this may be the biggest advantage of all—Healoha puts practitioners back in control of their own lives: they decide when and where they want to work, and what they want to charge for their services.


Although the definition of entrepreneur—one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary—is mainly used for people creating or starting a business, I’d like to add a different perspective to this definition, and include anybody who is willing to find their own unique gift, believe in it, and make it available to the world. I invite all wellness practitioners who resonate with this idea to consider the entrepreneurial route with the support of Healoha.


What about clients?


How can clients benefit from a marketplace for wellness services? If you’re like me, you prefer not to leave it up to chance to find a good massage therapist, healer, or acupuncturist. Healoha also puts clients back into the driver seat by letting them choose who they want to work with, when, and where.


At a time when there is no shortage of challenges around us, it is important to be able to find wellness practitioners who can help us stay grounded and feel good. My goal with Healoha is to empower wellness entrepreneurs, so they can focus on their practice, keep learning, and prosper. As a result, we should all benefit.


Whether you are a wellness practitioner or simply interested in your own wellness, I invite you to take a look at our website. We are still looking for more wellness practitioners, so if you feel the calling, please sign up here. It’s free. And if you know great practitioners who could benefit from the platform, let them know about Healoha or let us know about them.


In future blog posts we will offer inspiring wellness-oriented content that is easy to integrate into our busy lives. Please, help us help you by leaving your comments or questions below, or contact us directly. And if you like what we are doing, please share this article with your friends.