The 21st century seems to be a time of awakening for many people. According to, awakening can be defined as “a recognition, realization, or coming into awareness of something”. I’ve invited El Stamatakos again, an energy work practitioner on Healoha, to share his perspective on the process of awakening and see if there is a connection between awakening and wellness.


Healoha: El, how do you define “awakening” and what is your understanding of the process taking place when that happens?

We’ve all heard the statement “Everything is energy”. When it comes to wellness, what does that mean concretely, and what can we do to benefit from this relatively new awareness? I interviewed El Stamatakos, a healer on Healoha, to help us understand what this all means.


Healoha: El, you’re an engineer, you’ve also studied martial arts and energy work, so you are living in both worlds: the world of science and the world of energy.