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Energy Work

Let’s Talk About Energy!

Author by El Stamatakos Mar 12th, 2018

We’ve all heard the statement “Everything is energy”. When it comes to wellness, what does that mean concretely, and what can we do to benefit from this relatively new awareness? I interviewed El Stamatakos, a healer on Healoha, to help us understand what this all means.


Healoha: El, you’re an engineer, you’ve also studied martial arts and energy work, so you are living in both worlds: the world of science and the world of energy. What guided you in this direction, and how did that change your life?


El: This happened to me quite naturally and from a young age. At school I was very good at math, so I pursued engineering in college, and I also took an early interest in martial arts. Practicing martial arts and energy work allows you to stay calm and focus your mental energies to get things done. This is very important as your energy increases. This was most useful for me when I was dealing with extraordinary stress in my life such as getting a divorce and starting a new job at the same time.


Healoha: When giving a healing session, how do you explain what you do to a client who has never received energy work before?


El: I explain to clients that I use my energy along with the energy around me, also called “chi”, which I direct to their body. That energy combines with their own energy in order to facilitate the healing process. Chi or life force has its own intelligence, so it will naturally go where it is needed and bring things back to balance, meaning to their original state.


Healoha: What are some of the biggest changes you have seen in your clients that clearly indicate that this energy is doing something?


El: I did some energy work on a lady who was suffering from an epidural anaesthetic that went wrong, and her back was in pain. After the session, she felt much better, had greater flexibility, and less stiffness and discomfort.


Healoha: The experience people have with energy work is highly subjective. Do you have any recommendation for people who would like to find a healer who is right for them?


El: I believe clients should feel comfortable with their healer. It is like when you meet someone for the first time and you click. That would be ideal. The energy work is more effective when the energy can move freely. Energy moves better when people feel comfortable, relaxed, and are able to quiet their minds. Then positive shifts can happen.


Healoha: From an energy perspective, what is the easiest or the most important thing people can do to experience and maintain wellness?


El: I believe seeking joy and happiness is the most important thing we can do to regain or maintain wellness. The body has amazing self-healing abilities but it needs to be in the right conditions and environment. Introspection is a tool we can use to closely examine ourselves and find the cause to many of our problems. This is why concentration or focus and staying calm are so vital. Having said that, staying positive and viewing things in a positive light attract the best situations and outcomes.


Healoha: Thank you El for this inspiring discussion! We look forward to learning more from you in future blog posts.